Friday, February 20, 2009

From the back cover of Lovebirds DVD

Here is what's printed at the back cover Lovebirds DVD. The indie film is directed by Ronaldo Bertubin and stars Boots Anson Roa.

"Alexis is a foreigner came to Philippines to meet his chatmate Mario. As a Filipino Culture, visitors are welcome by family host with welcoming party of food, fiesta and people. When Alexis visited Mario. Mario's parents told to the neighborhood that Alexis is a girl, but surprisingly it was Alex. Mario's mother denied that he was Alexis and introduced him as Alex the brother of Alexis to the neighborhood. His parents known about Mario's sexuality until at the end Alexis becomes closer and fell in love with Mario. With all the laugh and cry. A story of a foreigner in another country, different culture, and acceptance of love will have all a happy ending."

Ay sus, ginoo! Can someone get me a glass of cold water please. Nabilaukan yata ako... wahahahaha

Good thing I do not buyed this DVD. hehehehe

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