Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Metrowalk DVDs

P60.00 each, not bad.

excellent selection, hundreds to choose from,
from ingmar bergman to charlie chaplin to kurosawa : )

stall 15-E : MINERVA

text Ate Cora for inquiries

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Piracy Regulation and The Filipino’s Response to Globalization

…to be middle class in this country is to simulate the real by means of the imaginary, with piracy falling more in the lines of the imaginary than the real—the imaginary is as real as the real itself for a lot of wannabe middle-class citizens.

interesting research article hehehehe

Piracy Regulation and The Filipino’s Response to Globalization

The essay examines the racial discourse of Moros and Moro-profiling by the state in piracy—sea piracy in olden times and media piracy in contemporary times. Moro piracy becomes a local cosmopolitanism in the Philippines’ attempt to integrate in various eras of global capitalism. From the analysis of media piracy, the Moro “dibidi” (pirated DVD) seller becomes the body that mediates between the Filipinos’ middle-class fantasy of a branded lifestyle and the reality that most Filipinos do not have full access to global consumerism. Using a cultural studies framework, the essay draws a connection between seemingly unlinked events and sources, allowing for a historical and social dialog, past and present, to mix, creating junctures for sites of dialog and critique.

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Monday, January 4, 2010

Maguindanao massacre DVDs in Quiapo seized

MANILA, Philippines -- Members of the Optical Media Board (OMB) on Monday swooped down on vendors in Quiapo, Manila selling digital video discs (DVDs) of the Maguindanao massacre.

OMB chairman Ronnie Ricketts said they immediately conducted the raid after receiving reports that the DVDs labeled “Maguindanao Massacre Live” were being sold in Metro Manila.

The DVDs contain footages of the crime scene in Maguindanao shortly after the massacre.

Also present during the raid were members of the National Press Club (NPC), who admonished DVD vendors for making money out of the ordeal of their fellow journalists.

"Adding insult to injury ito," said NPC President Benny Antiporda.

Earlier, relatives of the 57 civilians murdered in Maguindanao last November 23 protested the proliferation of video discs showing footages taken shortly after the massacre.

The Heirs of 11/23 Maguindanao Heroes, an organization comprising the families of the massacre victims, cried foul over the discs, saying these will cause more pain and trauma to the relatives, particularly the children, who will be reminded over and over of their parents’ horrible fates.

“They should respect us (victims’ families), particularly our children who are still in trauma because of the incident. If the children watch the DVDs, especially the little ones, they will be more traumatized,” the group’s vice-chairman Police Officer 1 Eliver Cablitas told The STAR.

Cablitas’ wife, Maritess, was one of the journalists brutally killed in the election-related massacre.

The families appealed to the OMB to try to stop the production of the discs and confiscate copies sold in different key cities of the country.

The group also appealed to the media to stop promoting the “showing” of “Maguindanao Massacre 11/23/09” by saying where and how the public can obtain the discs.

“Be responsible. If you want to write something, make it worthy. Don’t be an avenue of those people who made those DVDs to promote their illegal goods because it does not help the situation. Please stop convincing the families to buy a copy of it. Do not make us think that you are also profiting from the discs,” Cablitas said. With reports from The Philippine Star and Anthony Taberna, ABS-CBN News

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